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Injectable treatments directly infuse your body with medication or vitamins to quickly treat what ails you. Whether you have joint pain and arthritis or you simply need a wellness boost, an injectable treatment could help. At Murrieta Primary Care Clinic, Joanna Ayala, MD, offers joint injections for pain relief and customized vitamin infusions to supercharge immunity, enhance energy, and more. Call the Murrieta, California, clinic or request an injectables appointment online today.

Injectables Q&A

What injections are available for joint pain?

About 23% of American adults have arthritis, a condition that causes joint pain and stiffness. Arthritis can affect nearly any joint in the body, and living with chronic pain can make everyday tasks a challenge.

Along with other treatments that can include pain relievers and physical therapy, joint injections may help relieve pain associated with arthritis. If you have shoulder, hip, or knee pain, medical injections for joint pain at Murrieta Primary Care Clinic could be right for you.

Kenalog injections contain a corticosteroid that dulls pain in joints. Synvisc injections supplement the synovial fluid found naturally in joints to help them move more smoothly, reducing pain and stiffness.


How can injectables complement my health care plan?

Medical injections for joint pain can be a good option if you’ve tried other conservative treatments without relief. Each type of injection has its benefits, so your unique symptoms and medical history help determine which might be right for you.

IV vitamin therapy can be used on demand or as a part of your regular wellness routine. Some people get infusions when recovering from a night out or a long flight, while others get regular infusions to feel their best and strengthen their immune systems all year long.

Before beginning injection treatments, talk to your health care team to find out what treatments could benefit you. Be sure to share your medical history and your goals so the team can work with you to help you feel your best.

Murrieta Primary Care Clinic is proud to offer a variety of injectables to relieve pain and enhance wellness. Learn more about your options by scheduling a consultation with the team online or on the phone.